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Sénégal (Dakar) - Promotion 13 - 2021/2022

Gestion moderne des ports

  • Tendrá lugar del 09/06/2021 al 09/06/2022.
    Idioma de trabajo: Francés.
Bolivia - Promoción 2021 - 2022

Tercer curso de

Gestión Moderna de Puertos

  • Tendrá lugar del 21/06/2021 al 31/10/2022.
    Idioma de trabajo: Español.
Official Launch of the Special Course Building Port Resilience Against Pandemics

Official Launch of the Special Course Building Port Resilience Against Pandemics is an online high-level UNCTAD 15 preparatory event.

The event will take place on Tuesday, 22 June 2021 from 14.30 to 15.30 CEST.

The event will discuss the importance of keeping supply chains open and allowing the maritime trade to continue despite thechanging context in which economic sectors operate due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. It will feature the Acting Secretary-General of UNCTAD, Ambassadors of Ireland and Spain and Presidents of Ports of Barbados, Valencia and Buenos Aires.


  • Tendrá lugar del 22/06/2021 al 22/06/2021.
    Idioma de trabajo: Inglés.
Special Course - Building Port Resilience Against Pandemics (June-July 2021)

The objective of the course is to support the implementation of measures and to prepare for and alleviate contingencies related to a pandemic in a port, port terminals, and other seaport actors.

The course consists of four sections:

  1. Crisis protocol and communication strategy
  2. Staff management, well-being and resilience
  3. Technology preparedness
  4. Cargo flow continuity

Course agenda

  • 28 June-2 July: Week 1, Sections 1-2
  • 5-9 July: Week 2, Sections 3-4
  • 12-16 July: Week 3, Simulation exercises
  • 19-23 July: Week 4, Break
  • 26-30 July: Week 5, Webinars

Special note: The BPR course is open to all port communities and trade actors in the maritime and port sector.

Passcode: BPR2021

For more information, visit the course page: https://tft.unctad.org/port-management/building-port-resilience/

  • Tendrá lugar del 28/06/2021 al 30/07/2021.
    Idioma de trabajo: Inglés.